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Defiants's specifications

Class Name : Defiant
Purpose :(officially) Escort Vessel, (unofficially) Warship
Number in Service : 1
Designations : USS DEFIANT (NX-74205)
Dedication plaque quote : "All i ask is a tall ship, and a star to steer her by"
Length : 100-120 meters 
Beam : 71-86 meters 
Draft : 16-20 meters 
Displacement : ? 
Weight : ? 
Cargo Capacity : ? 
Hull : Castrodinium/Neutronium composite 
note :Her hull ablative armor matrix material is made 
        of axially granulated polymer on tritanium foam. 
Number of decks : 6

Total Standard : 80 
Officers : 20 
Enlisted : 30 
Passengers : 30 

Standard Cruise Speed : Warp 7
Maximum Cruise Speed : Warp 9.4
Sustainable for 26 hours : Warp 9.96
Emergency Speed (Max) : approximately Warp 9.9992 

Weapons systems
Type : Modified Type U Phaser Emitter 
Number : 4 
Range : 380,000 kilometers 

Type : Mark II Quantum Torpedo  
Number : 625 (max) 
Range : 4,200,000 kilometers 

Type : Mark III Quad-Cobalt Torpedo 
Number : 15 (max) 
Range : 860,000 kilometers 

Type :
This is a heavy energy weapon, a prototype.
The beam is fired from a special turret which is usually kept stored in a heavily shielded cargo bay.
If needed during an Alert situation, the turret is raised, by elevator, to the dorsal midships surface of the ship.
Once locked into position, the turret receives power from special power conduits linked directly to the four
power plants. This weapon is not intended for use against fighters or starships; they move too fast.
This is a massive assault weapon for use against large, stationary bodies of mass.
It cannot be fired during warp travel.
Range : 630,000 kilometers

A new advance in Torpedo design, the high yield FLUX Torpedo utilizes a unique discrepancy in warp bubble
theory. As the torpedo approaches the target, special sensors register the distance between the target and
itself. When the distance is less than 500 meters, a small warp generator onboard the torpedo is activated,
creating a warp bubble around the torpedo of 5 meters radius.
As the field is formed, the anti-matter interlocks in the explosive section of the casing are released,
allowing the anti-matter and matter reactants to mix, detonating the torpedo on impact.
Before the torpedo detonates however, the warp generator begins to alter the warp bubble radically,
causing the bubble to 'flux' - expanding and contracting rapidly before impact.
As the torpedo detonates from the mixed anti-matter and matter reaction,
the resultant shock wave of force is amplified by resonating with the fluxed warp bubble to create a more
explosive force than the usual photon torpedoes.
The force generated is 0.06 x10 times greater than the standard photon torpedo detonation,
but requires only a slight modification of the internal casing.

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