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***The Celestial Temple biographical files***
     Alexander Siddig

DS9's Alexander Siddig , who plays Doctor Julian Bashir, always knew that he wanted to be in the theater from
an early age but originally his great desire was to be a director, not an actor. He found, however, that one just
couldn't walk into such a job; training was required. Unsure of himself, he stalled for several years, supporting
himself by working at a men's clothing store, until his ambition got the better of him and he decided to take the

Quitting his sales job, he signed up for acting school in the belief that learning to act would give him the insight
into acting that he could eventually require as a director. Ironically, once he started acting, he couldn't quit, and
was soon on the road to his role on DS9.

Born in Sudan, Africa of an English mother and a Sudanese father, Alexander Siddig and his family relocated to
England when he was only one year old. Once there, he attended public school and, eventually, the London
University College for a year. After his brief foray into clothing sales, he devoted his energies to studying at the
London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. Here his classes led him to roles in productions of plays like
Arthus as well as Shakespeare's Hamlet. After three years he graduated from the Academy and was accepted
into the company of the Manchester Library Theater in London. While there he had minor roles in their
productions of Sinbad the Sailor and Brother Eichemann. But acting had never been his first calling, and tiring of
being cast in minor roles, Siddig quit the theater company, believing that acting was just a dead end for him.
He wanted to direct.

The Arts Threshold Theatre finally gave him the chance he had been working towards. There he directed such
plays as Julius Caesar and Lotus and the Rats. While he was directing at the Arts Threshold Theatre, he was
offered an acting rold in a six part television mini-series called Big Battalions. In 1991 Siddig made his dramatic
television debut in the role of a Palestinian. He was so well received in this role that he was cast as Jordanian
King Faisal in another television production, entitled A Dangerous man Lawrence After Arabia.

At first, Siddig did not realize what Berman and Piller had in mind. "I actually thought I was trying out for a guest
spot on an episode because I had asked my agent to get me a spot on ST about a year ago. It was really after
I auditioned for the Paramount executives that I realized it probably was not a guest spot. It was very exciting
to find out that I was auditioning was for a regular on a series." A few short days after his audition, Alexander
Siddig found himself in Hollywood.

Berman and Piller had been so impressed with Siddig that they wanted to test him for one of the other unfilled
slots in the cast. They had him read for the role of Julian Bashir, the young, inexperienced medical officer who
had joined Starfleet in search of adventure and opportunity. Although Berman and Piller had not originally
envisioned a medical officer with a British accent, they were won over by Siddig's ability and charm and
decided that he would be perfect in the role. When Paramount flew Siddig over they told him it would just be for
the weekend; soon after his arrival he was told that they wanted him to relocate permanently. Siddig had to fly
back to London, move out of his apartment and fly back to Hollywood immediately.

He has little time for sight-seeing during the production week which often consists of ten to sixteen hour days,
particularly when an episode prominently features his character such as "Rivals" did. He has a place in West
Hollywood and is making a life for himself away from the studio in a place very different from his native England.

Working on DS9 has been an interesting experience for the young actor, particularly since some fans have
found the brash Dr. Bashir to be a bit on the abrasive side. Siddig has found that at some ST conventions,
fans have transferred their annoyance with Julian to the actor himself. While he has been taken a bit back by
these fans Siddig does agree with their appraisal of the character. However, in the second season of the series
Dr. Bashir has become a far more dimensional character and one who is less brash and more self-aware.

His Uncle is Malcom Mc Dowell ,who played Soran on "Star Trek: Generations". And as most of us know is his
real name which he changed during the 3th season break is in fact"Siddig El Fadil".
and now he's even married to Nana Visitor"Kira" with whom he has a child."boy"
Siddig and  Nana Visitor, reside in Los Angeles.