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***The Celestial Temple biographical files***
     Aron Eisenberg

Prior to his casting as Quark's nephew "Nog" on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Aron Eisenberg could be
seen (sans prosthetics) in leading roles on various television series and films.
His previous work includes: Tales from the Crypt, Amityville - theEvil Escapes, The Wonder Years,
The Liar's Club, Playroom, The Horror Show,Puppet Master III, Streets and Colors.
Aron has also performed on stage in productions such as: "The Indian Wants", "On Borrowed Time"
and "Minor Demons" (for which he won a 'Zony' award for Best Supporting Actor.) Occasionally,
Aron wears a director's hat for theatrical productions such as the recent "The Business of Murder"
at the Conejo Players Theater. In his free time Aron enjoys mountain biking, soccer and spending time
with his family.