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***The Celestial Temple Xenology files***
     The Borg
Borg symbol 
Locutus of Borg
Borg drone 
An immensely powerful civilization of enhanced humanoids from the Delta Quadrant of the   
galaxy. The Borg implant themselves with cybernetic devices, giving them great technological  
and combat capabilities. Different Borg are equiped with diffirent hardware for specific tasks.  
Each Borg is tied into a sophisticated subspace communications network, forming the   
Borg collective, a shared conciousness in which the idea of the induvidual was nearly a   
meaningless concept. This collective consciousness is experienced by the Borg as "thousands"  
of voices they are collectively aware of, but not aware of themselves as separate individuals.   
Consequently, they never speak in singular pronouns, referring to themselves when required   
as merely "Seven of Nine," for instance.  

The Borg operated by conquering entire worlds, assimilating the civilizations and the technology 
thereon.Individual members of assimilated races were implanted with sophisticated cybernetic  
implants, permitting each individual to perform a specific task as required by the Collective. 
The Borg have a singular goal, namely the consumption of technology, rather than wealth or  
political expansion as most species seek. According to their spokesman, in the form of an  
assimilated Captain Jean-Luc Picard, reffered to as "Locutus of Borg", the Borg only want to  
"raise the quality of life" of  the species they "assimilate." Androids, for example, they view as 
primitive and obsolete. Thousands of worlds in the galaxy were conquered in this fashion 

The Borg exhibit a high degree of intelligence and adaptability in their tactics. Most means of   
defense or offense against them were found only to be used only once, almost immediately  
after which the Borg devoloped a countermeasure. Among the many advantages their collective  
consciousness affords them, the Borg hive-mind allows for instantaneous adaptations to shield 
and phaser frequency modulations in combat; they are also able to regenerate and repair their  
massive cube ship with the power of their collective thoughts alone.  

The Borg ingest only energy to drive their technological system via an energy conduit port.   
Their bio-chips synthesize any organic nutrients needed.   

The hive-mind drones do not register as individual life-signs when scanned, only as a mass   
reading and then at a bare minimum. The sick and injured are not healed but "reabsorbed" by  
the removal of the receiver piece, which leads to self-destructive dissolve. When shipboard during  
dormancy in their regenerative mode, power is minimal and the vessel's EM field cuts off. They   
have a knock-out drug or procedure for humans, using a drill-tap placed behind the left ear, that   
works immediately but wears off in less than a minute.