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Visitor Log, Stardate 50173.1 - present  



  LEGATE DAMAR - Visual nr 8402
Damar was an officer aboard the freighter Groumall in 2372 when Gul Dukat was assigned as the ship's 
captain. In early 2373 Dukat agreed to smuggle four DS9 officers into Klingon territory in order to expose  
Chancellor Gowron as a suspected Changeling. Damar was more interested in a frontal attack on the  
command center at Ty'Gokor, believing that the disguised officers were on a suicide mission. With his bird  
of prey's holofilter damaged, Dukat departed Klingon territory after beaming the four down to Ty'Gokor.  

By late 2373, following Cardassia Prime's entrance into the Dominion under the leadership of Dukat, Damar  
was a crewmember aboard Dukat's vessel during an assault on Deep Space 9 that had been triggered by  
the laying of a minefield that prevented Dominion reinforcements from entering the Alpha Quadrant. The sta-  
tioned eventually surrendered after Starfleet evacuated and the Bajorans, who had signed a non-aggression 
treaty with the Dominion, welcomed them aboard.  

After Terok Nor was reclaimed Damar continued to serve at Dukat's side. When Bajorans began to return to 
the station three months into the war, which was going well for the Dominion, it was Damar who saw to in-  
creasing security in order to watch over the Bajorans.  

After being berated by Dukat, Damar set about developing a plan to disable the minefield protecting the  
Wormhole. It was after celebrating his succesfull fieldtests, that due to much Kanar he told Quark what the  
plan was, and thus giving the the local resistance cell an the task of disabling the array, and give word to  
Starfleet. This was the beginning of a massive-scale mission to retake the station.  

An evacuation of Terok Nor was quickly ordered, but Damar was unable to convince Dukat to leave immedia-  
tely. Dukat was first intent on finding Ziyal, whom he would later track down in a corridor. Having followed  
Dukat through the station, Damar was witness to Ziyal's revelation that she had helped to free Rom, who 
had disabled the station's weapons, from his holding cell. Seeing Ziyal as a traitor, Damar shot her and then 
tried to get Dukat to evacuate along with the other personnel. A distraught Dukat refused to leave the body
of his dying daughter and Damar was forced to leave the station without him. Than while the distraught Dukat
was arrested by Odo, Damar went back to Cardassia Prime where he was elected, as Cardassia's new 
leader, and became the brand new Legate Damar.