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***The Celestial Temple xenology files***
     The Dominion
(victim of the Blight)
Powerfull alliance of planetary groups in the Gamma quadrant. The Dominion was established two 
millenia ago by the reclusive Founders who control hundreds of planets. Although the Founders 
themselves were almost never seen, Dominion power was brutally exercised by the Jem'Hadar, 
insuring compliance with the Founders' rule. For example, when a planet in the Teplan system 
resisted Dominion control in 2172, the Jem'Hadar punished the planet's population by unleashing 
a disease, called the blight, that caused terrible suffering for centuries 

The Dominions military is largely made out of their most ferocious soldiers, the Jem'Hadar, which  
is a race of tall lizard-like beings genetically engineered by the Changelings, and bred only for 
combat. The administrative side of the Dominion empire is managed by the Vorta, which coordin- 
ates relationships between the Changelings and the membership worlds.  

In 2370, the Dominion invaded and concuered planet Yadera Prime, and the T-Rogorans in 2370. 

The Dominion planted agents in the Alpha quadrant, so by late 2370, these agents provided the  
Dominion with tactical intelligence on the Federation and other Alpha quadrant powers, Such  
agents, often Founders posing as members of other species, also worked to destabilize the Alpha  
quadrant, as an ongoing prelude to a Dominion invasion. The Dominion objected to the incursion of  
Alpha quadrant cultures into the Gamma quadrant. In late 2370, they made their displeasure  
known by destroying a number ships and wiping out the New Bajor colony. 

Dominion operatives captured several members of the Defiant crew in 2371 in an effort to learn  
how strongly life-forms in the Alpha quadrant would resist a Dominion incursion into that part of 
the galaxy. 

In 2373, the Dominion entered into an alliance with Cardassian Union, giving the Founders a  
significant stronghold in the Alpha quadrant. Gul Dukat brokered the agreement after secret talks.