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***The Celestial Temple Xenology files***
Ferengi symbol
Ferengi civillian ..
Gold-pressed latinum


 Acquisition rule book

Technologically sophisticated humanoid race from the planet Ferenginar, that was long a  
complete mystery to the Federation, prior to first contact at planet Delphi Ardu in 2364. 
By the 24th century, the Ferengi were an interstellar culture. It took the Ferengi 10,000 years 
from the time they first started using currency to establish the Ferengi Alliance. The Ferengi 
extended their culture on an interstellar scale by buying warpdrive technology, Source is unknown. 

Ferengi are short, have sharp teeth, an addicted craving for gold-pressed latinum, and they have  
enormous lobes. When a Ferengi displays exceptionally keen business skills, it is said that 
"He has the lobes", When a Ferengi doesn't show enough skills for business, it is said that "He  
doesn't have the lobes for it". This is considered to be a sexist remark, since Ferengi females  
generally have smaller ears than the males. Ferengi sexual forplay known as Oo-mox, involving  
a gentle massaging of the ears, considered one of their most erogenous zones. Lwaxana Troi  
was very skilled at the art of Oo-mox. Archaeolist and entrepreneur Vash gave Quark Oo-mox at 
DS9 in 2369,"when negotiating what percentage Quark would recieve from the auction of the relics 
she brought back from the Gamma quadrant". Quark claimed he was not distracted by the 

Ferengi have a welcoming ceremony, a traditional exchange spoken when a guest enters a  
ferengi homeworld. The exchange goes as follows. Host:'Welcome to our home, Place your imprint  
on the legal waivers and deposit your admission fee in the box by the door. Remember, my house 
is my house." Guest:"As are its contents.". The traditional Ferengi death ritual, just as odd,  
goes as follows. Autopsy is strictly prohibited. To honor the dead, the deceased's body is cut into  
small peaces that are sealed into disk-shaped souvenir containers, then sold. These disks become  
valuable collector's items if the dead Ferengi is a personage of note. A Ferengi Certificate of  
Dismemberment accompanies the souvenir, attesting to the identity of the remains. 
Ferengi believe that those who have earned a profit during their mortal lives can enter the Divine  
Treasure after death. There under the guidance of the Blessed Exchequer, the Celestal  
Auctioneers allow them to bid on new lives. Those who have not earned profit are thought to be 
doomed to the Vault of Eternal Destitution. 

Ferengi possenging a strict code of honor, philosophy ruthlessly embraces the principles of  
capatalism. Ferengi culture finds the concept of organized labor to be abhorrent, since such 
things can interfere with the exploitation of workers. Similarly Ferengi labor contracts never  
provide for sick leave, vacations, or paid overtime for employees as stated by the rules of  
Aquisition. Ferengi Concider the cancity of a contract to be a cornerstone of their civilization. 
Breaking a contract is unthinkable,  and will generally result in the offender having his business  
license revoked and all of his assets seized, and him becoming a pariah in ferengi society. 

Ferengi live by a series of set codes, ethical guidelines governing behavior of Ferengi citizens, 
some codes are, Ferengi Rules of Acquisition, Ferengi Salvage code, and Ferengi Trade By 
-Laws. The salvage code states that "Anything found abandoned is open to claim by those who 
find it". The Trade by-Laws is a law pertaining to Ferengi business practice, which is devided in 
different sections and paragraphs.Ferengi By-Laws section 105, subparagraph 10, for instance, 
states that "Upon reaching adulthood, Ferengi males must purchase an apprenticeship from a  
suitable role model". Subsection 1027, paragraph 3 for that matter, pertaines to the improper  
supervision of a family member. Quark was charged with violating of that article when his mother 
was accused by the Ferengi Commerce Authoroty of earning prophit.  

The Ferengi are sexist in the extreme, and do not allow their females the honor of clothing. 
In addition, Ferengi females are kept house-bound, uneducated, and wholly dependent on their 
male counterparts. It is illegal for their females to earn prophit, or to quote from the rules of  
aquisition. They are also forbidden to travel or talk to strangers. Ferengi tradtion requires the  
females to prepare and serve meals, and to soften the food for the males by chewing it for them. 
Interestingly, Ferengi males often find human females very attractive. Ferengi consider  pregnancy 
to be a rental, with the father being termed as the lessee. When a young Ferengi reaches 
adulthood and prepares to leave home, he traditionally raises  capital by auctioning his boyhood 

Betazeds are incapable of empathically reading Ferengi minds, this may be due to the unusual 
fourlobed design of Ferengi brains. Ferengi have ascending ribs and an upper and lower lung. 

Shortly after first contact with the Federation, Ferengi entrepreneurs saw new opportunities and  
quickly assimilated themselves into Federation commerce, such as Quark who runs a bar on  
DS9. The ferengi are not members of the Federation. Ferngi entrepreneurs served as inter- 
mediaries for the Karemma in commerce with the Federation.The Karemma sought this arrange- 
ment because the Dominion would not have tolerated direct trade with the Federation. 

One Ferengi quotation says, "Never ask when you can take". Another Ferengi saying is,  
"Good  things come in small packages".