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***The Celestial Temple xenology files***
     The Founders
Founders symbol
leader of the founders



Ancient civilization of shape-shifters, the architects of the Dominion in the Gamma quadrant.  
Long ago, the Founders explored the galaxy, but found themselves to be feared, hunted and  
killed by the solids, their term for non-shapeshifters. Out of self-defense, the Founders   
retreted to a planet in the Omarion Nebula. From this location, the Founders established  
the Dominion, through which they control hundreds of planets throughout the Gamma quadrant,  
imposing order through ruthless violence and fear. Although isolated, the Founders did not lose   
their curiosity about the universe. They sent a hundred infant members of their species across  
the galaxy, implanting in each a powerful desire to return home, so that the Founders could   
learn about distant places.  

Deep Space 9 security chief Odo was one of these infants. The Founders had a strong family   
link to each member of their species. Another of these changeling infants ended up on DS9 in  
2373. Odo began to rear the infant, until it died of radiation that it had been exposed to while   
in space  

The Founders' ability to assume the shape of an object is so complete that a Founder in the   
guise of an individual of another species is virtually undetectable, even with sophisticated  
scanning equipment. Should, however, a piece of a Founder's body be seperated from the  
main body mass, the seperate piece reverts to its normal gelatinous state. Starfleet phasers  
set to a force of 3.5 were sufficient to force a Foun to revert to gelatinous state. Founders also   
revert to gelatinous state upon death.  

The Founders use a warrior species called the Jem'Hadar to force compliance of the various  
members of the Dominion. The Founders maintain control of the powerful Jem'Hadar through   
the use of genetic engineering, altering Jem'Hadar physiology to be dependent on Ketracel-  
White, a drug made from isogenic enzymes that only the Founders can supply, through  
their agents, the Vorta. Some Vorta agents suspect that even this extreme measure is not   
sufficient enough to control the Jem'Hadar's powerfully violent tendecies. Most Jem'Hadar  
spend their entire lives without meeting a Founder. To most of them, the Founders are thought  
of a myths, or even gods.  

On stardate 50049.3, a Founder was mortally injured when a Jem'Hadar ship crash-landed on  
planet Torga IV. The Jem'Hadar that came to rescue him, having failed in their mission,   
commited suicide for letting the Founder die.  

In 2371, the Founders learned of Enabran Tain's scheme to attack the Dominion.They took  
advantage of the situation, staging an ambush in the Omarion Nebula that virtually annihilated 
the armed forces of the Cardassian Obsidian Order, and the Romulan Tal Shiar. The incident 
substantially reduced the ability of the Alpha quadrant forces to resist to the Dominion invasion.