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Visitor Log, Stardate 50173.1 - present 



  GOWRON - Visual nr 0041
Named as leader of the Klingon High Council and the empire's chancellor in late 2367, Gowron had been
a virtual Klingon outsider who never challenged the council until he mad claim to its leadership after K'mpec's
poisoning. After Worf killed his opponent Duras, Gowron refused to return Worf and brother Kurn their 
family honor until they helped repulse the challenge by Duras' family to his ascension as leader, which had 
been overseen by Jean-Luc Picard as a non-native Arbiter of Succession. 

Gowron proved to be more a pragmatist and politician than an outright warrior, although his skill with the short
blade was not to be doubted. In 2369 he outfought the would-be Kahless and proved him to be a clone of the
original, but eventually bowed to Worf's wisdom in installing him as a symbolic emperor. 

Gowron's positions have ranged from hearing minor disputes before the Council to attacking Cardassia and
breaking the Khitomer Alliance with an uncooperative Federation in early 2372, all due to Dominion 
manipulation. After refusing to return captured Cardassian space, he even provoked a war with the UFP  
a year later thanks to a Shapeshifter double of his military aide, Gen. Martok by insisting on the return of the
Archanis sector after over a century. When the need for a united front against the Dominion reasserts itself 
some months later, though, he did agree to reinstate the Khitomer accords with a contingent at DS9. 

Having once restored Worf's family honor, though, Gowron refused to return the title, lands and Council seat
he revoked after the Cardassian invasion, taking Worf's opposition as a personal slap. While having admired
Odo and worked with Sisko, he remains on icy terms with the Starfleet Klingon.