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***The Celestial Temple xenology files***
(Minister Hanok)
The Karemma are a humanoid civilization from the planet Karemma. Their homeworld lies in 
the Karemma system which is a part of the Dominion. They are thought to be responsible for 
the administration of trade and economy in the Gamma Quadrant. Their closeness to the 
wormhole also made them the main Dominion trading partner with the Alpha Quadrant, mostly
with the Ferengi and the Federation. Unlike the Ferengi they are honorable businessmen with 
a high standard of goods. 

Karemma are tall and slender looking humanoids, and are from 2 meters in height up to 2.5. 
They have black hair that is combed back, ending in small plait. They have a head ridge, like
Klingons, but smoother and no edges. The head ridge goes down, and over the nose. The ridge 
can be slightly seen to the chin of a Karemma. As a result of this ridge, their nose looks huge. 
Karemma have normal eyes that are gray, black or brown. The nose is quite large in the lower end,
Its very broad and one line in the skin on each side of their nose is pointing downwards to the outer
sides of their face. 
The Karemma's currency is called Dirack. The Karemma have a Ministry of Commerce and a 
Ministry of Trade. They are very honorable traders, not trying to cheat their business partners, 
as the Ferengi do. 

The Karemma's contact to the Dominion administration is an unmanned subspace relay station 
on the planet Callinon VII, maintained by the Vorta. Aside from that, they seem to be able to 
decide rather independently.  

Quark established a trade agreement with the Karemma for purchase of Tulaberry Wine. The
Karemma used Ferengi as intermedaries in their commerce with the Federation, because they 
knew the Dominion would never tolerate direct trade between the Karemme and the Federation.
The Karemma were naive when it came to business dealings, and the Ferengi took advantage of 
them for a time. The only contact the Karemma had with the rest of the Dominion was through 
the Vorta.

In 2372, minister Hanok, member of the Commerce ministry, met with the staff of Deep Space 9
to discuss Karemma complaints with Ferengi trade parctices. Hanok also helped the crew of the
Defiant with a Jem'Hadar attack