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DS9 Station residence file - 01070. ____________________           
Residence Log, Stardate 50173.1 - present


  LEETA - Visual nr 2790
A beautiful and smart Bajoran Dabo girl working for Quark's bar, Leeta combines the best of Bajoran  
traditions with her very untraditional lifestyle. First dating Dr. Bashir for over a year before developing  
a crush on Rom during the strike by Quark's employees in 2372. After resolving her affair with Bashir  
using the Bajoran Rite of Separation on Risa, she followed a rocky path with the shy Rom until he   
finally came out with his love for her, and gave her a good reason to stay on DS9 instead of taking up   
a managing position at a cafe on Jupiter Station. Later Rom proposed and they wed on the eve of the  
Dominion invasion of 2373-74.   

An amateur sociologist, she knew of the Trill zhian'tara ceremony and, as a friend, embodied former   
host Emony the gymnast for Jadzia Dax  

When all Bajorans were evacuated from Deep Space 9 during the Dominion war and the station's take-  
over Leeta stayed behind with her newly wed husband and secretly joined the underground resistance  
cell which later was responsible for the freeing of Rom who was sentenced to death for sabotage.