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Upcoming episodes
..............       9909.02 - U.S
Whispers  + 9909.02 - U.K  (R)
No shows for the time being NL   
Personal log.
9812-28 Launched LCARS version 1.0 of  the CelestialTemple. 
9908.26 I'm finaly back online for some serious updating, yet again ALL BUT THE SEASON GUIDE, i wouldn't want to spoil it for myself. In the meantime keep signing the station-logs, or has the net become so commercial that the fun is gone and no-one signs those things anymore!?
Brief introduction to the show.
DEEP SPACE NINE formerly known as Terok Nor is situated in the Bajoran Solar System in order to regulate traffic to and from the Gamma Quadrant. The space station was built during the Cardassian occupation , to regulate the strip mining of the planet. When the Cardassians withdrew, they also abandoned the station but not before both wrecking it and concealing booby traps. At the behest of the Bajoran provisional government, Starfleet took up residence in an effort to help the planet in its recovery program. A recovery program which was initiated after the war with the Cardassians. Now the station under command by Captain Benjamin Sisko must not only help the Bajorans with the recovery program,but also defend the Alpha Quadrant from the danger that lies beyond the wormhole,which in Bajoran prophesies is also known as "The Celestial Temple".. 
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