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***The Celestial Temple Political files***
     The Maquis
Maquis symbol
Maquis member
(Calvin Hudson)
A paramilitary organization of former Federation citizens formed at the colonies affected by the 
Border changes wrought by the Federation-Cardassian Treaty of 2370. The Maquis grew in 
response to Cardassian hostilities toward these colonies and to the perception that they had 
been abandoned by the Federation government. Members of the Maquis had often been victims 
]of violence directed directed toward them by the Cardassian military. They felt the intention was 
to force them from their homes, and many chose to fight rather than leave.The Maquis are  
deemed outlaws under Federation law 

The Maquis was organized in a series of cells, with only the leaders of each cell knowing the 
whereabouts of the other cells. A number of Starfleet officers were sympathetic to the Maquis 
situation and either provided them with weapons, or left Starfleet to join their ranks. 

In 2370, a group of Maquis led by ex-Starfleet Commander Calvin Hudson, which was a close  
friend to Benjamin Sisko, defended colonies in the Demilitarized Zone that were no longer  
Federation protection. Hudson's group destroyed the Cardassian freighter Bok'Nor, resulting in 
several skirmishes along the border. 

In 2371, Thomas Riker hijacked the Defiant from Deep Space Nine for a Maquis mission to  
investigate a suspected Cardassian military buildup in the Orias system. Also during that year, 
a Maquis ship commanded by commander Chakotay was lost in the Badlands. 

By 2372, members of the Maquis were no longer considered to be citizens of the Federation, 
from this point forward they were considerd enemies of the Federation.