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Visitor Log, Stardate 50173.1 - present  



  GENERAL MARTOK - Visual nr 1642
Martok, General of the Klingon Navy. Led the task force during the invasion of Cardassia, which consisted 
of almost one-third of the Klingon military strength. Commands the Klingon flagship, the Voodieh class 
battleship Negh'Var. Exposed as a Changeling spy by a covert Federation strike team in early 2373, 
which led Gowron to call a cease-fire.  

The real Martok was rescued from a Dominion camp by Worf and Garak, and became the head of the  
Klingon garrison on DS9. He had been captured two years previously while hunting sabre bear on Kang's  
Summit. He had earlier disagreed with Gowron's retreat from war with the UFP after the DS9 attack, when  
their Cardassian invasion was not only unsupported but opposed, but later was assigned to lead a Klingon  
contingent there after the Khitomer accords are reinstated in light of the mounting Dominion threat.  

Martok is a complex man, having had Kaybok of the IKS M'Char executed for disobeying orders. Later, 
despite Worf's humiliation of his son Drex at their first meeting, Martok later welcomed the 'homeless' and 
dishonored Worf into his house after the two survived the Dominion prison in 2372.  

The formidable general lost his left eye in hand-to-hand combat with Ikat'ika during his captivity. he refused 
to commit a Klingon captive's suicide as long as hope remained to escape, Worf helped him regain his lost 
nerve when he was given command of the IKS Rotarran, a Bird of Prey whose defeatist crew badly needed
a morale boost. After a succesfull mission which gave the Rotarran it's honor back, Martok was assigned to 
command a detachment of Klingon warriors stationed at Deep Space 9.