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1-2. Emissary 
Stardate 46379.1
Starfleet takes command of Deep Space Nine. Sisko and Dax discover a stable wormhole, and Sisko becomes an Emissary to the Bajoran Prophets. 
3. A Man Alone 
Stardate 46421.5 
Odo is suspected of murder when a man is killed with no means for the murderer to escape. 
4. Past Prologue 
Stardate Unknown 
An old friend of Kira attempts to destroy the Bajoran wormhole. 
5. Babel 
Stardate 46423.7 
Deep Space Nine's inhabitants are infected with a virus, rendering them unable to speak coherently. 
6. Captive Pursuit 
Stardate Unknown 
The first visitor from the Gamma Quadrant arrives to Deep Space Nine, but is followed by people hunting him down. 
7. Q-Less 
Stardate 46531.2 
Vash, an archaeologist, returns from the Gamma Quadrant with Q. 
8. Dax 
Stardate 46910.1 
Dax is accused of murdering a Bajoran general thirty years ago, in a past life. 
9. The Passenger 
Stardate Unknown 
Bashir and Kira rescue a damaged Kobliad ship, and the dead prisoner on board's consciousness hids in Bashir's mind. 
10. Move Along Home 
Stardate Unknown 
A Gamma Quadrant delegation forces Deep Space Nine's senior staff to play their deadly game. 
11. The Nagus 
Stardate Unknown 
Grand Nagus Zek comes to Deep Space Nine with news of an great inheritance. 
12. Vortex 
Stardate Unknown 
A Gamma Quadrant criminal barters his safety in exchange for Odo's past. 
13. Battle Lines 
Stardate Unknown 
Kai Opaka dies and is resurected on a planet of war. 
14. The Storyteller 
Stardate 46729.1 
On an urgent mission to Bajor, O'Brien finds himself a religious leader of a small village. 
15. Progress 
Stardate 46844.3 
Residents of Bajoran moon Jeraddo refuse to leave while an energy project will leave their homes uninhabitable. 
16. If Wishes Were Horses 
Stardate 46853.2 
Dreams and reality collide on Deep Space Nine as a species from the Gamma Quadrant study human nature. 
17. The Foresaken 
Stardate 46925.1 
Ambassador Lwaxana Troi falls for Odo, and an alien probe upsets Deep Space Nine's computer systems. 
18. Dramatis Personea 
Stardate 46922.3 
The destruction of a Klingon cruiser opens the curtains to a play Deep Space Nine's personnel are forced to act out. 
19. Duet 
Stardate Unknown 
Kira arrests Gul Darhe'el, Butcher of Gallitep, for atrocities during the Cardassian occupation. 
20. In the Hands of the Prophets 
Stardate Unknown 
Teaching science in the station's school becomes a religious issue as Vedek Winn tries to become kai. 
SEASON 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
21. The Homecoming 
Stardate Unknown 
Kira rescues a Bajoran hero from a Cardassian labor camp, hoping he could restore order to Bajor. 
22. The Circle 
Stardate Unknown 
Kira is kidnapped by "The Circle", an extremist faction that wants to overthrow the provisional Bajoran government. 
23. The Siege 
Stardate Unknown 
Deep Space Nine falls under the Circle's control, and Sisko and his men must put an end to the coup. 
24. Invasive Procedures 
Stardate 47182.1 
When the station is evacuated during a plasma storm, terrorists who want to steal the Dax symbiont takes over. 
25. Cardassians 
Stardate 47177.2 
A Cardassian orphan is found on Deep Space Nine, opening a tangled web of Cardassian politics. 
26. Melora 
Stardate 47229.1 
Bashir helps an officer from a low-gravity planet become mobile, and becomes romantically involved with her. 
27. Rules of Acquisition 
Stardate Unknown 
Encharged with negociating for the Ferengi in the Gamma Quadrant, he finds his waiter Pel is actually a waitress! 
28. Necessary Evil 
Stardate 47282.5 
An attack on Quark leads Odo to reopen an old murder case where Kira was a suspect. 
29. Second Sight 
Stardate 47329.4 
Sisko falls for a young woman who bears a striking resemblance to a visitor's wife on-board. 
30. Sanctuary 
Stardate 47391.2 
Refugees from the Gamma Quadrant come to Deep Space Nine in search of their promised land. 
31. Rivals 
Stardate Unknown 
A rival casino opens on the casino, its owner in possession of a device that alters the laws of probability. 
32. The Alternate 
Stardate 47391.7 
Another shapeshifter on Deep Space Nine could be the link to Odo's past. 
33. Armageddon Game 
Stardate Unknown 
Bashir and O'Brien are said to be dead after helping two once-warring races disarm their biological weapons. 
34. Whispers 
Stardate 47552.1 
O'Brien suspcts a conspiracy when he finds everyone acting differently and discretly. 
35. Paradise 
Stardate 47573.1 
Sisko and O'Brien find a planet of humans who've abandoned technology, and find that they can't leave. 
36. Shadowplay 
Stardate 47603.3 
Dax and Odo discover a civilization of living holograms that are slowly disappearing. 
37. Playing God 
Stardate Unknown 
While training a Trill initiate, Dax brings an anomaly that threatens the entire universe as they know it. 
38. Profit and Loss 
Stardate Unknown 
Cardassians dissidents come to the station, one of which is an old girlfriend of Quarks, 
39. Blood Oath 
Stardate Unknown 
Three old Klingons ask Dax to honor an oath made by her previous host, Curzon. 
40-41. The Maquis 
Stardate Unknown 
Sisko and Dukat try to deal with a militant group called the Maquis, rebel inhabitants of the Demilitarized Zone. 
42. The Wire 
Stardate Unknown 
Part of Garak's past is uncovered as a Cardassian implant renders him ill. 
43. Crossover 
Stardate Unknown 
Kira and Bashir end up in a mirror universe where Terrans are slaves to the Bajorans and the mighty Cardassian-Klingon alliance. 
44. The Collaborator 
Stardate Unknown 
Kira finds out a secret from Vedek Bareil's past that could threaten his leadership of the Bajoran faith. 
45. Tribunal 
Stardate 47944.2 
O'Brien falls subject to the Cardassian judicial system, and is found guilty and sentenced to death before his trial. 
46. The Jem'Hadar 
Stardate Uknown 
Sisko and Quark are captured by the Jem'Hadar while on a school trip with Jake and Nog. 
SEASON 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 
47- 48. The Search  
Stardate 48212.4 
Sisko returns from Earth with the U.S.S. Defiant, and goes to stop an Dominion invasion. Odo finds out his Founder origin. 
49.  House of Quark  
Stardate Unknown 
Quark accidentally kills a Klingon warrior, and is thrust into Klingon politics. 
50. Equilibrium  
Stardate Uknown 
Dax learns that she once was hosted by a murderer, and must be taken to the Trill homeworld before she rejects the symbiont. 
51. Second Skin  
Stardate Unknown 
Kira is kidnapped, surgically alterted to look like a Cardassian, and is told she is an undercover operative of the Obsidian Order. 
52.  The Abandoned  
Stardate 48214.5 
A Jem'Hadar child is found and quickly grows to become a genetically-programmer warrior. 
53.  Civil Defence  
Stardate Unknown 
Modifications to the Deep Space Nine's ore processors activates an old Cardassian alarm that will destroy the station. 
54.  Meridian  
Stardate 48423.2 
Dax falls in love with a man from another dimension, and quits Starfleet to be with him. 
55. Defiant 
Stardate 48467.3 
Thomas Riker visits Deep Space Nine and commandeers the Defiant for a Maquis mission. 
56. Fascination 
Stardate Unknown 
Lwaxana Troi visits, and her illness has everyone feeling unusually romantic. 
57-58. Past Tense 
Stardate 48481.2 
Sisko, Dax and Bashir accidentally transport to San Francisco in 2024, and play major roles in the Bell Riots, a pivotal moment in Terran history. 
59. Life Support 
Stardate 48498.4 
Bashir struggles to save Vedek Bareil's life in the midst of secret talks with the Cardassians. 
60. Heart of Stone 
Stardate 48521.5 
The Prophets test Odo's feelings for Kira, and Nog tries to get into Starfleet Academy. 
61. Destiny 
Stardate 48543.2 
A Vedek suspects that a new Cardassian-Bajoran science project will fulfill a prophecy that leads to the closure of the wormhole. 
62. Prophet Motive 
Stardate Unknown 
Grand Nagus Zek radically revises the Rules of Acquisition to eliminate greed from Ferengi society. 
63. Visionary 
Stardate Unknown 
Following a radiation accident, O'Brien finds himself jumping into the future and forsees his death and the destruction of Deep Space Nine. 
64. Distant Voices 
Stardate Unknown 
Comatosed after an alien attack, Bashir must depend on different facets of his personality to survive. 
65. Improbable Cause 
Stardate Unknown 
After an attempted murder of Garak, Odo uncovers a secret Cardassian-Romulan plan to attack the Dominion. 
66. Through the Looking Glass 
Stardate Unknown 
Sisko is kidnapped by O'Brien from the Mirror universe to fight for Terran freedom there.   
67. The Die is Cast 
Stardate Unknown 
Romulans and Cardassians attack the Founder Homeworld, and Garak's loyalty is tested as he is ordered to torture Odo.  
68. Explorers 
Stardate Unknown 
Sisko and Jake build an ancient Bajoran solar-sail spacecraft which they take to Cardassia. 
69. Family Business 
Stardate Unknown 
Quark and Rom visit Ferenginar, to convince their mother to stop breaking Ferengi law by earning profits. 
70. Shakaar 
Stardate Unknown 
Kira must track down an old friend of hers during the Occupation, and avoid the breakout of civil war. 
71. Facets 
Stardate Unknown 
Dax undergoes an ancient Trill ritual to meet her previous hosts. One takes the body of Odo and refuses to return it. 
72. The Adversary 
Stardate 48959.1 
A Dominion agitator boards the Defiant in a mission to disrupt the balance of power in the Alpha Quadrant. 
SEASON 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
73-74. Way of the Warrior 
Stardate 49011.5 
When Sisko is dragged into a conflict between the Klingons and the Cardassians, the Khitomer Accords are annuled. Lt. Cmd. Worf is assigned to Deep Space Nine as a liason officer between the Federation and Klingon Empire. 
75.  The Visitor 
Stardate Unknown 
An experiment gone wrong kills Sisko, and has Jake spending his life trying to bring him back.
76. Hippocratic Oath 
Stardate 49066.5 
Bashir and O'Brien are captured by rebel Jem'Hadar, who test Bashir's ethics in releaving them of their addiction. 
77. Indiscretion 
Stardate Unknown 
Trying to look for an old friend, Kira is forced to bring along Dukat, who has plans of his own. 
78. Rejoined 
Stardate 49195.5 
Dax meets a Trill science officer whose symbiont she was married to in a past life. 
79. Little Green Men 
Stardate Unknown 
Quark, Rom, and Nog end up in Rosswell, New Mexico, in 1947 while on a trip to Terra and are mistaken for Martians. 
80. Starship Down 
Stardate 49263.5 
Lured into a trap in the atmosphere of a red giant, the Defiant plays a game of cat-and-mouse with a Jem'Hadar ship. 
81. The Sword of Kahless 
Stardate Unknown 
Worf and Dax embark on a journey to find the long-lost mythical sword of the original Klingon emporer. 
82. Our Man Bashir 
Stardate Unknown 
Sisko, Worf, Kira, Dax and O'Brien are beamed into Bashir's secret-agent holosuite program as his enemies. 
83. Homefront 
Stardate Unknown 
Sisko and Odo travel to Earth to help thwart the infiltration of a Changling. 
84. Paradise Lost 
Stardate Unknown 
Sisko uncovers a plot worse than the Dominion's when Admiral Leyton attempts a coup d'état of the Terran government. 
85. Crossfire 
Stardate Unknown 
Odo is left to choose between his duty and his feelings for Kira as First Minister Shakaar makes his moves on her. 
86. Return to Grace 
Stardate Unknown 
Kira joins a demoted Dukat after a Klingon attack kills the diplomats at a Cardassian-Bajoran conference. 
87. Sons of Mogh 
Stardate 49556.2 
Worf's brother Kurn has disgraced his family, and asks his brother to assist him to commit suicide. 
88. Bar Association 
Stardate Unknown 
Rom risks percecution from the Ferengi government to take a stand, and forms a union of Quark's bar staff. 
89. Accession 
Stardate Unknown 
An ancient Bajoran ship emerges from the wormhole, the occupant claiming to be the true Emissary of the Prophets. 
90. Rules of Engagement 
Stardate 49665.3 
Worf is wrongly accused of firing and destroying a Klingon vessel, in an attempt to disgrace the Federation. 
91. Hard Time 
Stardate Unknown 
O'Brien is mistaken for a murderer and is implanted with the memory of having spent 20 years in prison. 
92. Shattered Mirror 
Stardate Unknown 
Jake is taken hostage by Jennifer from the mirror universe, and Sisko must repair the rebels' Defiant as ransom. 
93. The Muse 
Stardate Unknown 
A pregnant Lwaxanna Troi is on the run from her husband and seeks Odo's help. 
94. For the Cause 
Stardate Unknown 
Kassidy Yates and Michael Eddington are revealed to be members of the Maquis. 
95. The Quickening 
Stardate Unknown 
On a planet in the Gamma Quadrant, Bashir rushes to solve a deadly epidemic called the blight, caused by the Jem'Hadar. 
96. To the Death 
Stardate 49904.2 
Sisko joins forces with the Dominion to stop the warpath of renegade Jem'Hadar. 
97. Body Parts 
Stardate Unknown 
Quark agrees to sells his remains, believing he's dying; but the buyers won't back out when the diagnosis is proved to be wrong. 
98. Broken Link 
Stardate 49962.4 
Odo returns to the Founders' Homeworld, only to be made a solid for killing a fellow changling. 
SEASON 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
99. Apocalypse Rising 
Stardate Unknown 
Sisko, Worf, Dax and O'Brien infiltrate Gowron's troops to sniff out a shape-shifter in the Klingon Empire. 
100. The Ship 
Stardate 50049.3 
An away team boards a crash-landed Jem'Hadar warship when reinforcements come to take back their ship. 
101. Looking for Par'Mach in  
       all the wrong places 
Stardate Unknown 
Worf becomes attracted to Quark's Klingon ex-wife, Grillka, but learns that Dax has eyes for him. 
102. Nor the Battle to the Strong Stardate Unknown  Jake experiences the horrors of war first-hand and puts a mission at jeopardy as he and Bashir save a Federation colony. 
103. The Assignment 
Stardate Unknown 
An alien entity possesses Keiko in its pursuit to kill the Prophets in the Bajoran wormhole. 
104. Trials and Tribble-ations 
Stardate 4523.7 
The Defiant find themselves in the past, keeping a rogue Klingon agent from killing legendary Starfleet officer James Kirk.  
This episode was produced in celebration of Star Trek's 30th anniversary, and is extrapolated from TOS "Trouble With Tribbles". 
105. Let He Who Is Without Sin... 
Stardate Unknown 
Worf joins an extrimist group calls the Essentialists while on vacation at pleasure planet Risa. 
106. Things Past 
Stardate Unknown 
Sisko, Dax, Garak and Odo find themselves as Bajorans on Terok Nor in the past, and Odo must either face his past or allow his friends to die. 
107. The Ascent 
Stardate Unknown 
Odo and Quark must depend on one another when a sabotaged runabout crashes on a deserted planet. 
108. Rapture 
Stardate Unknown 
Sisko has visions of a lost ancient Bajoran city, which lead him to delay Bajor's admission to the Federation. 
109. The Darkness and the Light 
Stardate 50416.2 
Someone is killing Kira's old resistance cellmates, and even though pregnant travels to the Demiliterized Zone to find the killer. 
110. The Begotten 
Stardate Unknown 
Odo regains his shape-shifting abilities when he cares for a changling infant, and Kira delivers the O'Brien's child. 
111. For the Uniform 
Stardate 50485.2 
Bitter for his betrayel, Sisko goes after Eddington, Starfleet officer gone Maquis. 
112. In Purgatory's Shadow 
Stardate Unknown 
Sisko learns of a Dominion invasion when Worf and Garak are captured on a rescue mission in the Gamma Quadrant. 
113. By Inferno's Light 
Stardate 50564.2 
Bashir, Worf, Martok and Garak break out of Jem'Hadar prison; Sisko and Gowron ally themselves while Cardassia joins the Dominion. 
114. Doctor Bashir, I Presume? 
Stardate Unknown 
Bashir is revealed to be genetically modified when he is chosen to model for Starfleet holo-doc. 
115. A Simple Investigation 
Stardate Unknown 
Odo falls for a stranger who's being targeted for murder, who's looking for her long-lost daughter. 
116. Business as Usual 
Stardate Unknown 
Quark becomes an arms dealer when his cousin Galia says he can erase his debts. 
117. Ties of Blood and Water 
Stardate 50712.5 
Kira asks Tekeny Ghemor, a Cardassian dissident, to help destroy the Cardassian/Dominion Alliance. 
118. Ferengi Love Songs 
Stardate Unknown 
Quark returns to Ferenginar to stay with his mother, only to find out that she and Grand Nagus Zek are in love. 
119. Soldiers of the Empire 
Stardate Unknown 
Worf finds his friend General Martok unfit to be leader, and must decide whether or not to confront him about it. 
120. Children of Time 
Stardate 50814.2 
Sisko and his crew land on a planet inhabited by their descendants, and must choose which future to pursue. 
121. Blaze of Glory 
Stardate Unknown 
Sisko needs Eddington to avoid a Maquis attack on Cardassia, and risking all-out war with the Federation. 
122. Empok Nor 
Stardate Unknown 
O'Brien leads a team to abandoned station Empok Nor for spare parts, only to find they aren't alone. 
123. In The Cards 
Stardate 50929.4 
With war almost imminent, the crew of Deep Space Nine are increasingly depressed. 
124. A Call to Arms 
Stardate 50975.2
Stardate 50975.2 Sisko plugs a Jem'Hadar influx through the wormhole, and provokes all-out war between the Federation and the Dominion. 
SEASON 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
125. A Time to Stand 
Stardate Unknown 
Deep Space Nine has fallen under Dominion control, and Sisko leads a covert mission deep into enemy space. 
126. Rocks and Shoals 
Stardate 51107.2 
Sisko and his crew are stranded when their ship crashlands on an unchartered planet, along with a Vorta and some Jem'Hadar. 
127. Sons and Daughters 
Stardate Unknown 
Worf finds his son Alexander among Martok's ranks, and faces his failure as a father. 
128. Behind the Lines 
Stardate 51149.5 
Kira, Nog, and Jake work to disrupt the Cardassian-Dominion alliance while Odo's loyalty is tested. 
129. Favor the Bold 
Stardate Unknown 
Sisko prepares to take back Deep Space Nine, as Dukat prepares to disable the minefield around the wormhole. 
130. The Sacrifice of Angels 
Stardate Unknown 
Sisko invades Deep Space Nine in an apparent suicide mission.  
131. You Are Cordially Invited... 
Stardate 51247.5 
Dax is tested by Worf's surrogate mother, who finds it hard to approve of their marriage. 
132. Ressurection 
Stardate Unknown 
Bareil from the mirror universe visits Deep Space Nine, and requests asylum for he is pursued by his universe's Alliance. 
133. Statistical Probabilties 
Stardate Unknown 
Bashir leads a team of genetically engineered geniuses in predicting the outcome of the Dominion war. 
134. The Magnificent Ferengi 
Stardate Unknown 
When Quark's and Rom's mother fall into Dominion hands, they must lead a rescue team to get her back. 
135. Waltz 
Stardate Unknown 
Dukat and Sisko are stranded together when a trip to a war crimes tribunal goes awry. 
136. Who Mourns for Morn 
Stardate Unknown 
When the local barcrawler dies, Quark inherits his estate - and a whole lot of trouble. 
137. Far Beyond the Stars 
Stardate Unknown 
Sisko finds himself as a 1950's American science-fiction writer, with his crew as fellow collegues. 
138. One little Ship 
Stardate Unknown 
A scientific investigation goes wrong, and Dax, O'Brien and Bashir must save Sisko while they're only inches tall. 
139. Honor Among Thieves 
Stardate Unknown 
O'Brien infiltrates the Orion Syndicate, a large crime ring, but soon finds himself a sympathizer. 
140. Change of Heart 
Stardate Unknown 
Dax and Worf are sent to meet an informant when Dax is hurt. Worf is left having to choose between his job and his wife. 
141. Wrongs Darker Than Death  
       or Night 
Stardate Unknown 
Kira uses the Orb of Time to travel back and investigate the relationship between Dukat and her mother. 
142. Inquisition 
Stardate Unknown 
Internal Affairs believes a spy in on Deep Space Nine, and Bashir becomes a prime suspect. 
143. In the Pale Moonlight 
Stardate Unknown 
Sisko and Garak try to get the Romulans and Klingons to join the Federation and change the tide of the war. 
144. His Way 
Stardate Unknown 
Odo seeks the advice of a hologram named Vic Fontaine to help woe Kira. 
145. The Reckoning 
Stardate Unknown 
The discovery of an ancient Bajoran tablet heralds the arrival of a battle between good and evil on Deep Space Nine. 
146. Valiant 
Stardate 51825.4 
When on a voyage to Ferenginar, Rom and Jake are attacked and saved by the crew of Red Squad ship Valiant
147. Profit and Lace 
Stardate Unknown 
Zek and Ishka must defend their gender equality reforms to Ferengi culture, but when Ishka has a heart attack Quark must dress up as a female! 
148. Time's Orphan 
Stardate Unknown 
When O'Brien's family goes on vacation, Molly falls through a porthole and returns 10 years later. 
149. The Sound of Her Voice 
Stardate 51948.3 
Sisko and crew go to save a lone survivor of a crash-landing three years in the past. 
150. Tears of the Prophets 
Stardate Unknown 
Gul Dukat, possessed by a Bajoran demon, critically wounds Dax, destroys the Bajoran orbs and collapses the Wormhole. 
SEASON 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
151. Image in the sand 
Stardate Unknown
Sisko has retreated to Earth to contemplate a way of contacting the Bajoran Prophets, there the vision of a woman's face, buried in the 
sand appear. The new Dax host arrives on the station.
152. Shadows and symbols 
Stardate Unknown
Sisko meets Ezri. Worf, O'Brien, Bashir, and Quark must destroy a Dominion shipyard. Kira prepares a blockade to stop the Romulans
153. Afterimage 
Stardate Unknown
Sisko is glad to have his old friend back, and Ezri as councelor has Garak as her first client.
154. Take Me Out To The Holosuite 
Stardate Unknown
Vulcan Captain Solok challenges former classmate and longtime rival Sisko to a baseball game on the Holosuite.
155. Chrysalis 
Stardate Unknown
Sarina from the group of genetically enhanced humans is sick, so they once more must request help from Bashir.
156. Treachery, faith, and the great  
Stardate Unknown
Odo is lured into a secret meeting place, for Weyoun has agreed to defect in exchange for asylum. Once the two of them are aboard a shuttle they are hailed by Damar with "Weyoun" Standing beside him.
157. Once more unto the breach 
Stardate Unknown
Kor returns to the station much to Worf's surprise, and tells Worf he 
has been unable to secure the command of a ship. Worf approaches
General Martok with the request.
158. The seige of AR-558 
Stardate Unknown
Sisko finds a Starfleet group on a planet which houses a Communi- 
cations array that if activated can intercept Dominion transmissions. 
Sisko tells his crew that he wants to stay indefinitely.
159. Covenant 
Stardate Unknown
Kira's former teacher pays her an unexpected visit with a crystal. It 
transports her to Empok Nor where she meets Dukat, now leader  
of a Bajoran religious faction which worships the Pah-wraiths.
160. It's only a paper moon
Stardate Unknown
After losing his leg in battle, Nog decides to take his medical leave
in the Holosuite using Dr. Bashir's Vic Fontaine program.
161. Prodigal daughter 
Stardate Unknown
Sisko is furious when O'Brien vanishes on a secret trip to visit the 
widow of  the criminal Bixby. He sends Ezri to her family in the 
same sector where she is reunited with her domineering mother.