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DS9 Station residence sub-file - 0001.  
Residence Log, Stardate 50173.1 - present
  MOLLY - Visual nr 0012
Daughter of Starfleet officer Miles O'Brien and Keiko O'Brien. Molly was born aboard the Enterprise-D 
in 2368 in Ten-Forward, and was brought into the world by the hands of Lt.Commander Worf . She moved 
to station Deep Space 9 with her parents in 2369. Molly began to crawl into bed with her parents at night 
in early in 2372, her way of trying to get attention, since her mother was pregnant with Kirayoshi at the time. 

During a celebratory picnic with her parents on a nearby planet, eight-year-old Molly falls into a vortex of 
swirling energy. When some crew members arrived to help, they determined that Molly slipped through a 
time portal that had send her back 300 years, to a time when the planet was uninhabited. They reactivated
the portal and transported her out, but their calculations were off by a decade. When Molly materialized on
the transporter pad, she was an eighteen-year-old woman. Since she had been without human contact for 
ten years, Molly was like a wild animal, terrified of her parents and unable to speak. At Dr. Bashir's 
suggestion, a cargo bay was transformed with a tree, grass, and some boulders. There, the O'Briens began
the painful process of regaining their daughter's trust. When Keiko presented her with her favorite doll, Molly
smiles for the first time. Molly continues to make progress and learns to follow simple commands. She soon
utters her first word - "Home" and Keiko and O'Brien excitedly took her back to their quarters. When she 
showed them a photo taken at the picnic site, they realize Molly regards that planet as her home. 

Later when she was Scared by some hubbub of Quark's bar, Molly paniced and stabbed a customer with a
broken bottle. Sisko and Odo sadly informed O'Brien that Federation officials want Molly committed to a
special care center. Knowing that forcing her to stay inside a confined facility over a long period of time will 
kill her, O'Brien planned to steal a Runabout and take Molly to her planet to send her back through the time
portal so no one would be able to find her.  However, they were caught before they could leave the station. 
Odo came to the scene and allowed the O'Briens to proceed. They returned to the planet, where they tearfully
send Molly back through the vortex with her favorite doll. When Molly arrived, she recognized her eight-year-
old self hiding behind a boulder. Little Molly was frightened, but her older counterpart gave her the doll and 
send her through the portal to be reunited with her family.