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DS9 Station residence file - 256. 
Residence Log, Stardate 50173.1 - present



  MORN - Visual nr 2500
The ubiquitous alien and Quark's most frequent patron. His affection for Phalosian, adult holosuites, is 
well known to Quark, and he's the first to try out a new cycle Quark obtains circa stardate 47000, "Picnic 
with the Pleasure Goddess of Rixx," in Holosuite 6. As usual, Morn is seen in the bar when Quark 
hawks his pieces of Plegg, when Rom and Quark have a coin toss for the price of his drink and he loses, 
and when Quark feigns caring about his troubles. In addition, Morn was also seen during the Founders' 
imposed hallucinatory test of a United Federation of Planets-Dominion peace. 

In the post-Dominion scare, even Morn leaves Quark's Place at a slow time, usually arm in arm with a 
tattooed humanoid woman, and sends Quark into real despondency at the slow growth of his business. 
Before burning his renewal scroll at the Gratitude festival, Morn lets it be read by Science Officer Dax
who can't believe such a "handsome, fun-loving guy" can have so many problems. In addition, Morn was
treated by Doctor Bashir in the infirmary for food poisoning brought on by Quark's spoiled kanar. Thanks
to his seat near the board and Quark's fistful throw, his padded suit is peppered with darts. Quark tries to
make him the scapegoat when they're caught painting numbers on the back of 27 fighting voles. After it is
discovered that Quark is lying, Commander Sisko suggests the Ferengi get a goldfish for a substitute pet. 

Morn has faked his death to get rid of his old business partners, who wanted him dead, and gave Quark the
illusion that he had earned all of his belongings which were not just a huge bar bill, but also his assets, 2000
bars of gold pressed latinum to be precise. When his scheme worked and his old partners were arrested 
Quark was upset with the fact that his assets, which Morn had swallowed into his second stomach, were 
not to be given away, Morn gave Quark enough though to last a while.Morn's species also has more than 
one heart. Lastly, Morn was seen betting Quark on 3-to-1 odds that Doctor Bashir will share nothing more 
than an awkward "hello" with Dr. Lense -- and loses.