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Also known as Tears of the Prophet, the Orbs were mystical artifacts of the Bajoran religion. Nine Orbs, which
were hourglass-shaped energy vortices, were discovered in the Bajoran star system over the past 10,000 years.
The Bajoran believed the orbs were sent by the Prophets from the Celestial Temple to teach them and guide
their lives. All but one of the Orbs were stolen by the Cardassians when they ended their occupation of Bajor in
2369. The remaining Orb planted visions in the mind of Benjamin Sisko that enabled him to relive experiences
from his past. The Orbs were enshrined in ornately jeweled cases and had been cared for by Bajoran monks at
a monastery on the planet.  
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                  "orbcase"                           "orb of wisdom"          "orb excperience for Sisko"