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Diagnostic and repair technician junior grade  
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Active duty
***Starfleet Biographical File 
Quark's brother and father to Nog. Nog helped Quark run the bar at station Deep Space 9.
Rom grew up on his homeworld of Ferenginar with his father, Keldar and mother Ishka, and his older
brother Quark. Quark never treated him with much respect. On Rom's naming day, Quark substituted
old vegetables with his presents, then sold the presents for more than their father had originally paid
for them. Rom was a mechanical genius, but wasn't very good at acquiring profit, seeming to inherit
his father's lack of business sence.

Rom stayed at home on Ferenginar for ten years after Quark departed, finally moving away in 2361.
Rom entered a five-year marriage contract with Prindora, producing a child, Nog. Rom subsequently
fell in love with Prindora, and thus blindly signed an extension to the marriage contract without reading
the fine print that enabled Prindora's father to swindle all of  Rom's Money

In 2369 when Keiko O'Brien opened a new school on the station, Rom was initially opposed to his son,
Nog, attending, but later relented.

Rom often showed amazing initiative. He demonstrated a keen ability to break into Quark's security
systems, Much to Quark's shock. Rom served as Quark's bodyguard during Quark's brief tenure as
Grand Nagus in 2369. In true Ferengi tradition, Rom plotted to eliminate his brother, but was halted
when the previous Nagus, Zek, was found to be still alive. Quark applauded Rom's treachery, making
him assistant manager of policy and clientele.

Rom challenged the very foundations of Ferengi culture in 2372 when, in response to unfair management
practices by Quark, Rom organized a labor union among the workers at Quark's bar.
Formation of the "Guild of Restaurant and Casino Employees" brought a swift and violent reaction by
the FCA, which was determined to shut down the union.Rom disbanded the union after Quark agreed
to the worker's demands, although the union continued to operate in an unofficial capacity.
Shortly after the incident, Rom left Quark's bar and became one of Deep Space 9's diagnostic
and repair technicians, junior grade. Rom quickly demonstrated extraordinary skills atunderstading
and troubleshooting engineering systems.

In 2371 when his son Nog petitioned to join Starfleet, Rom was very supportive to the idea.
In 2373 Rom became attracted to Leeta, who worked as a Dabo girl at Quark's bar. Rom found it
difficult to express his affection to Leeta, and almost lost her when she nearly accepted an assignment
to manage the cafe at Starfleet's Jupiter station, which was kindly given to her by Dr. Zimmerman,
the creator and programmer of the "Medical Holographic Doctor".

In 2373 he and Leeta got married just before Leeta had to leave the station and was shipped back to Bajor
due to the Dominion threat and the non agression pack Bajor closed with The Dominion.
To show his skill once more Rom created a self-replicating mine-field which enabled Starfleet to put up a
great and hard to beat wall of security in front of the Wormhole, and thus keeping thousand's of Dominion
re-enforcements on the other side.

In 2374 Rom was captured and sentenced to death by Dominion forces, in an attempt to sabotage the
EM relais of the deflector array, which would be reconfigured by Dominion forces to disable the minefield.
Brief for the execution, and Starfleet's mission to recapture the station, the local resistance cell led by
Major Kira Nerys freed Rom, due to a heroic action by Quark who disabled two of the Jem'Hadar guards in
the holding cell. Stunned by this Quark was frozen to the ground, as was Rom, for Quark loved him enough
to face danger that way, with risk for his own life, thus actually loving him.......