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***The Celestial Temple xenology files***
Romulan symbol


Warrior civilization from the planets Romulus and Remus. An ofshoot of the Vulcan people  
who left two thousand years ago to found the Romulan Star Empire, possibly in rebellion 
against Surak's philosophy of logic and pacifism.The Romulans are a passionate, aggresive,  
but highly honorable people.The Romulans are a study in dramatic contrasts. Capable of  
considerable tenderness, they can also be violent in the extreme. Romulans have also been  
characterized as having great curiosity, while maintaining a tremendous self-confidence that  
borders on arrogance. 

The ancient Romulans reached across much of the quadrant with outposts and settlements  
on far-flung worlds as Barradas III, Calder II, Dessica II, Draken IV, and Yadalla Prime. 

Their biggest achievement is the development of the cloacking device. This cloacking device 
was later traded with the Klingons for better engines. They also gave the Federation permission  
to use their cloaking device, on the Defiant, which according to the Treaty of Algeron is  
forbidden. However, the  Defiant was given permission to use the cloacking device, in exchange 
for whatever information Starfleet security had on the Dominion, Since the Romulans broke this 
agreement by attacking DS9, this agreement no longer exists. 

In modern times, the Romulans conducted a brutal attack on the Klingon Narendra III outpost 
in 2344. The starship Enterprise-C, under command by Captain Rachel Garret, responded to 
distress calls from Narendra II, and attempted to render aid to the Klingons. Although the Enter- 
prise-C was repoted lost, the incident led to closer Klingon-Federation ties in following years. 

The Romulans believed the Dominion to be the greatest threat to the Alpha quadrant in the last 
century. Accordingly, the Romulan government attempted to collapse the Bajoran Wormhole 
in order to prevent a potential Dominion invasion, in 2171. The plan, which would have included 
the destruction of station Deep Space Nine to eliminate witnesses, failed when a cloacked 
Romulan Warbird accidentally caused Miles O'Brien to timeshift into the near future, where 
he witnessed the Romulan attack. Upon returning to his present, O'Brien warned station  
personnel, thwarting the plan. 

Two years later, when an alliance of the Dominion and the Cardassain Union threatened to 
destabilize the Alpha quadrant, the Romulans joined forces with the Federation and the Klingon 
Empire, contributing a fleet of Romulan Warships to the defense effort. 
The Romulan legislative body is known as the Romulan Senate.