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Visitor Log, Stardate 50173.1 - present 



  SHAKAAR - Visual nr 0501
A onetime farmer in Bajor's Dahkur Province, Shakaar returned to his fields in 2369 after 25 years
of fighting the Cardassian occupiers -- only to find himself in politics as his world's secular leader in
2371. As the head and namesake of Kira's resistance cell, he agreed to let her go on her first raid at 
age 13 to fill in a vacancy in the ranks, and ironically found himself reteamed with her years later during 
a near-violent showdown with Kai Winn over the return of promised soil reclamators. 

After that encounter and the support he received for his handling of it, he handily won the position as 
Bajor's second post-occupation First Minister, edging Winn out of her acting role. Even after knowing
Kira for 10 years, he realizes he has fallen in love with her a year after his election, during his successful 
push to cut Bajor's UFP admission timetable in half -- though that act was later postponed by Emissary 
Sisko's pagh-tem-far that advised against it. As he and Kira's affair played out, he had a hard time 
accepting her carrying the O'Brien's transplanted second child to term after an accident, and made a fool
of himself during her delivery in mid-2373. Soon afterward, he and Kira parted ways romantically, although 
she still respects him as Bajor's best leader. 

Shakaar is used to death threats and he routinely ignores them, but a True Way alien operative nearly
killed him twice during the Federation conference on DS9 by sending his turbolift car into free fall, then 
almost getting his quarters depressurized. According to Dukat, anyway, he slept with every woman in the
cell except Kira, but Dukat's jealousy of the major should be taken into account.