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***The Celestial Temple xenology files***
A Reptilian humanoid species, from the Tosk planet in the Gamma quadrant, a member of the 
Dominion. The Tosk are a genetically engineered species, bred and trained by the  Dominion
to be tracked, and serve as prey for the Hunters, a humanoid race also from the Gamma 
quadrant", who live for "the hunt". 

The Tosk require only 17 minutes sleep per rotation. They are completely self-sufficient as they 
store liquid nutrients in plasticfibers throughout their body. They do not have personal names,  
they are "all" Tosk. The Tosk have a code of silence that doesn't allow them to discuss their role 
as the Hunted. Their greatest wish is it to "die with honor". Being caught alive and brought back 
to their planet, were they are publicly humiliated for as long as they live, is a great disgrace to them.  

tIn 2369, a Tosk was the first beeing from the Gamma Quadrant to visit Deep Space 9. He was  
brough aboard after his craft was damaged, he formed a friendship with Miles O'Brien. Hampered  
by the code of silence, Tosk could not communicate his role as the Hunted, even when the Hunters 
descended upon the station to take him back to their planet in disgrace. O'Brien disobeyed orders  
and violated the Prime Directive by allowing Tosk to escape, thus continuing the hunt and fulfilling 
his friend's deepest wish, : The chance to die with honor.  

Although the Hunters told Captain Sisko that the Tosk are bred and trained for the sole purpose of 
being hunted, he declared that the Wormhole was out of bounds for future hunts.