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***The Celestial Temple Xenology files***
     The Vorta
A telekinetic humanoid race, which are genetically engineered by the Founders, and they
are also the administrative arm of  the Gamma Quadrant business power called the Dominion
They are basically the link between the Founders and the rest of the Dominion. Their telekinetic
abilities, enables them to send out a blue glowing sphere, capable of sending someone hurling
towards the ground. The Vorta have poor eye-sight, which is compensated by extreme hearing
abillities, somewhat close to that of the Ferengi.

When an important Vorta dies, the Founders simply clone another one, which continues the
work of it's predecessor. This is quite an ingenious way of becoming almost immortal. Also they
are immune to most poisons, which comes quite in handy when out on a diplomatic mission. 
The Vorta are often in charge whenever the Dominion elite soldiers, the Jem'Hadar, are out on
a ruthless mission. There is usually a Vorta stationed on the Jem'Hadar Attack Crafts along with
42 Jem'Hadar soldiers, and several are believed to be stationed on the larger Jem'Hadar Battle 
Cruiser. The Vorta somewhat control the Jem'Hadar, to be sure of this, the Vorta need to provide
the Jem'Hadar warriors with Ketracel-White which they need to survive.

In 2370, Benjamin Sisko first encountered a Vorta while on a mission in the Gamma Quadrant.
The Vorta, Eris, posed as a fugitive from the Jem'Hadar, and was held captive by a small group of 
Jem'Hadar soldiers. When Sisko and his companion, Quark, also were captured she helped them
escape. Upon their return to statiopn Deep Space 9, Eris was found to be a spy, but she escaped
before she could be questioned further.