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Visitor Log, Stardate 50173.1 - present     



  KAI WINN - Visual nr 1642
As Bajor's renowned Kai, Winn is the spiritual leader of all Bajor.Hailing from a relatively conservative 
order of the Bajoran faith, Winn was elected Kai in 2370 following the withdrawal of her leading competitor, 
Vedek Bareil. As a Vedek, Winn was embroiled in a controversy on station Deep Space Nine involving 
the teaching of secular viewpoints on the Bajoran Wormhole, or Celestial Temple of the Prophets. Winn 
also briefly endorsed The Alliance for Global Unity, also known as The Circle, led by Minister Jaro Essa

The Kai's popularity has soared since the establishment of the current peace treaty between Bajor and 
Cardassia, authored under her direction. She briefly succeeded First Minister Kalem Opren, following 
his death in 2371. She withdrew her bid for election as First Minister following her unsuccessful attempt to 
reclaim several soil reclamators from citizens in Dahkur Province. She also briefly supported Akorem 
Laan's proposal to revive the strict D'jarra caste system, following his brief succession to the role of 
Emissary in 2372. 

Winn's negative opinion of Cpt. Benjamin Sisko as the Emissary changed significantly upon his discovery
of B'Hala in 2373. Her decision to accept him as Emissary led her to advocate Federation membership.