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DS9 Station residence file - 0251.
Residence Log, Stardate 50173.1 - present 



  KASIDY YATES - Visual nr 2102
Civillian freighter captain who operated in the Bajoran sector. Yates met Benjamin Sisko through his son,   
Jake, in 2371. By early 2372, Kasidy Yates and Benjamin Sisko grew increasingly fond of each other,   
but often had difficulty finding time together owing to their busy schedules. Yates' freighter, the Xhosa, was   
intercepted by the Klingon bird-of-prey M'Char in 2372 during the Klingon offensive on Cardassia. The   
Xhosa was freed thanks to intervention by Sisko in command of the Defiant. Shortly thereafter, Yates   
accepted a position as a freighter captain with the Bajoran Ministry of Commerce. She was allowed to use
her own ship, pick her own crew, and operate wholly within the Bajoran sector. In accepting the job, she   
intended to take up residence on station Deep Space 9.  

Kasidy and Ben shared a love of baseball and enjoyed each other's company. Kasidy yates's youngest   
brother was a colonist on Cestus III, and played for the Pike City Pioneers. Yates was arrested by   
Starfleet in 2372 for smuggling weapons to the Maquis. Yates was convicted and sentenced to six months  
in a Federation prison. After serving her sentence, she returned to Deep Space 9 and took up residence there.