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Station DS9 (Terok Nor)

Old Cardassian mining station built in orbit of planet Bajor, which was assembled over several years by
Cardassians an Bajoran work teams and reached it's finishing stage in 2351. It was than abandoned in
2369 when the Cardassians relinquished their claim on Bajor, and retreated from the region. Starfleet
assumed control of the facility shortly thereafter, at the request of the Bajoran Provisional Government.
The station assumed great commercial, scientific, and strategic importance thereafter when the remarkable
Bajoran Wormhole was discovered, linking the Bajoran system with the distant Idran star system in the
Gamma Quadrant, the station was moved from its orbit around Bajor to the mouth of the Wormhole, and
thereby staking a claim to it before the Cardassians could.

Commander Benjamin Sisko was placed in charge of the station, and his staff included Bajoran liaison
Major Kira Nerys, security officer Odo, science officer Jadzia Dax, chief medical officer Julian Bashir,
and chief of operations Miles o'Brien, and later joined by Strategic Operations Officer Mr Worf.

The station is divided into three main parts:

THE CORE SECTION - OPS  from which all the stations functions are managed.
The promenade a main thoroughfare containing numerous service facilities and
                           stores, incl. Quark's bar.
main power generation reactors Main energy supplier for he station.

THE HABITAT RING - The living quarters  where all personnel, families and visitors reside.
And several small landing pads which houses the station's runabouts ,
these landing pads sink into a service bay to protect the runabouts.

THE DOCKING RING - Nine docking ports and supports the six upper and lower docking pylons.

After a serious skirmish with the Jem'Hadar, elite soldiers from the Dominion, Starfleet decided to station
the prototype warship called U.S.S. Defiant at the station.
--The station has 35 levels of varying thicknesses, beginning at level 1
  (OPS), and descending to level 35(Fusion Reaction Control).
--There are normally 300 permanent residents on the station, not
  containing visitors and crews of ships docked at the station  
--Weapons are stored in the habitat ring, level 5, section 3.  
--Prior to being designated Deep Space Nine by starfleet, the station
  had been called Terok Nor by the Cardassians.
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