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The Bajoran Wormhole

The Bajoran wormhole is an artificially stable passageway to the Gamma Quadrant, located in the
Denorius Belt in the Bajoran star system. The wormhole was formed by particles called "verterons" that allow
a vessel to pass through on impulse power.Being made of "verteron" particles makes Starfleet sure to believe
that this wormhole was created artificially .Bajoran religious faith interprets the safe passage as evidence
of guidance by the Prophets, so some conservative religious leaders object strongly to the teaching of such
scientific concepts. In the Bajoran religion, the wormhole is the Celestial Temple, home of the Prophets
who sent the Orbs to the people of Bajor. In 2369, Commander Benjamin Sisko and science officer Dax
discovered the Bajoran wormhole and came in contact with the aliens occupying the space. Deep Space 9
was moved to the mouth of the Bajoran wormhole. One travels almost 90,000 light-years when coming
through the wormhole from the  Gamma Quadrant It would take a Federation starship almost 600 years to
travel this distance at warp factor nine, but by passing through the wormhole, it takes mere minutes.
Sensors read elevated neutrino levels when an object comes through the wormhole.